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"Stephanie is a phenomenal Pilates instructor! I actually was a little concerned about conducting the class over Zoom, but she’s really great at providing accessible explanations and was able to provide me with very personalized adjustments. I really appreciated how well she planned the class around what my body needed. And her energy is incredibly positive!"  -Sabrina Lee

"Stephanie is a lively and rich teacher, with nuanced sessions for different kind of bodies, and with useful visualisation and experiential anatomy offers to help her students enter into familiar exercises in exciting ways: a great way to experience Pilates anew."  - Petra Kuppers

"Stephanie brings decades of somatic experience as a mover/dancer to her Pilates work. I can tell that she has an intimate understanding of body mechanics and I notice the subtle changes that happen through her guidance. I felt completely at ease and confident in her ability to taylor the class to fit my needs. As a healthcare worker, I also appreciate the attention Stephanie has put into minimizing risk of exposure to COVID-19."  -Marielle Abell

"As a student, I loved Stephanie's scientific, anatomical approach to movement. Her classes are constantly evolving to incorporate new explorations and movement studies, and my own body awareness was constantly challenged by her unique, insightful observations. She keeps classes fresh with new imagery and metaphors, and I appreciate her ability to always encourage her students to find new ways to challenge themselves, both mentally and physically."  - Elise Benton